Month: September 2021


BRANDING BACK TO PORTFOLIO ILHAM Purpose Coffee Table Book APPROACH This coffee table book for P16 of Taman Putra Perdana features the ILHAM concept (‘inspiration’ in Bahasa Malaysia). The concept represents inspired living, while also acting as an acronym for 5 unique selling propositions that receive individual focus within the book. BACK TO PORTFOLIO

Ufit International

BRANDING BACK TO PORTFOLIO UFIT INTERNATIONAL Purpose Branding Campaign APPROACH UFIT is a purveyor of health and wellness products, on top of offering personal finance opportunities. This branding campaign focuses on the positive lifestyle outcomes one can achieve with UFIT. BACK TO PORTFOLIO

Bespoke International Group

BRANDING BACK TO PORTFOLIO BESPOKE INTERNATIONAL GROUP Purpose Branding Campaign APPROACH Bespoke is an international platform for chefs to give their passion a global stage to shine, changing the landscape of the culinary and event industries. Therefore, the big idea is to create key visuals with double meaning. Take a look at our creative LIVE …

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You & Me International

BRANDING BACK TO PORTFOLIO YOU & ME INTERNATIONAL Purpose Branding Campaign APPROACH Featuring the next-gen sanitary pads and pantyliners that offer a wealth of health perks, You & Me is where ‘love and care matters’. Thus the visual treatment is designed to promote a sense of relaxation and peace of mind, using pastel colours and …

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BRANDING BACK TO PORTFOLIO FWJ Purpose Branding Campaign APPROACH The concept behind this creative is ‘little moments, great joy’. Presenting a gift from FWJ is a symbol of love and creating unforgettable moments with loved ones. BACK TO PORTFOLIO

CIMB Aviva

BRANDING BACK TO PORTFOLIO CIMB AVIVA Purpose Thematic Campaign APPROACH CIMB Aviva is a partnership programme to offer customers greater protection and services. Thus the big idea of using the hand depicts the act of ‘always lending a helping hand to people’. BACK TO PORTFOLIO


BRANDING BACK TO PORTFOLIO HIDA-YEAT Purpose Branding Campaign APPROACH Featuring Borneo’s local designer, we created an identity for this brand to make a presence across borders and stand out in the market. We assimilated nature and culture as part of the design treatment. Take a look at our creative LIVE at BACK TO PORTFOLIO

Senandung Budiman

BRANDING BACK TO PORTFOLIO SENANDUNG BUDIMAN Purpose Company Profile APPROACH We designed a company profile for the developer to highlight its key project, Putra Perdana. Contrasting elements of ‘city’ and ‘nature’ are used throughout the creative to present a sense of balance in life. BACK TO PORTFOLIO

Equal Malaysia

BRANDING BACK TO PORTFOLIO EQUAL MALAYSIA Purpose Rebranding Campaign APPROACH This rebranding campaign is purposed to promote the new packaging for the same product. Thus the tagline, ‘New look! Same sweet taste’ was crafted. Visually, the creative is young and lively. BACK TO PORTFOLIO

Tropicana City

BRANDING BACK TO PORTFOLIO TROPICANA CITY Purpose Branding Campaign APPROACH In order to bring out the essence of Tropicana City, we utilised the ‘tree’ emblem to be the main concept. An identity and a template are also achieved for all advertisements. BACK TO PORTFOLIO